Partner Official Legal Name:    Muzeul National Brukenthal (Brukenthal National Museum)
City, Country:    Sibiu, Romania
Internet address:


Partner description
Brukenthal National Museum is a complex of five museums which, without being separate administrative entities, have different locations and their own distinct cultural programs: the Brukenthal Art Gallery, the Museum of History, the Museum of Pharmacy, the Museum of Natural History, “August von Spiess” Museum of Hunting.
In 2012, Brukenthal National Museum celebrated both 195 years of history (since its public opening in 1817) and 5 years of branding campaign, Brukenthal Brand being the first museum brand in Romania. The total number of visitors in 2012 was of 378.181.
The museum exhibits European and Romanian art, contemporary art, and includes complex sections on history, the history of pharmacy, natural history, armies and hunting trophies, and also the Brukenthal library. The museum provides the following services: monument visiting; permanent and temporary exhibitions visiting; guided tours to exhibitions and historical city center.
Experience in related projects
Brukenthal National Museum was involved in various cultural projects, being awarded some important prizes and distinctions: The European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage Europa Nostra (2010), The Special Prize of ”The Most Promising Romanian Brand” Programme (2012).
In 2011 Brukenthal National Museum was the first Romanian Museum to be invited to join The Best in Heritage Excellence Club by European Heritage Association.
Brief description of the role within the project
The Brukenthal National Museum will be responsible for managing one of the pilots of the project, as leader of the Pilot at Brukenthal National Museum, Romania. For this they will also be involved in the preparatory phases of the project in the context of WP1 and WP2 for the identification of the project’s use cases and requirements, as well as in the collection and adaptation of the data needed by the pilot. Furthermore their involvement is also planned in WP4 ensuring participation to training activities and supporting the pilot deployment and preparation. Further contribution from them is expected in the context of T.6.3 – Organisation of events (inc. events targeted to citizens) through organisation of events targeted to the cultural heritage community.