Partner Official Legal Name:    Provincial Agency for Health of the Autonomous Province of Trento (Azienda Provinciale per i servizi sanitari Provincia Autonoma di Trento)
City, Country:    Trento, Italy
Internet address:


Partner description
In Trentino, healthcare is mainly provided by a single local authority: the Healthcare Trust of the Autonomous Province of Trento (APSS, Azienda Provinciale per i Servizi Sanitari). APSS employs approximately 7,800 staff and delivers public health, primary healthcare (primary medical care, outpatients care, home care), hospital care (including rehabilitation and long term care), ambulance services and mental health. It runs 4 large healthcare districts and 7 hospitals. Services are purchased from 7 private clinics, 22 outpatient facilities and 58 nursing homes. General practitioners work as independent contractors and provide primary care services to each healthcare district. Universal healthcare is provided to a resident population of about 534,000, with an aging index of 126. The provincial government allocates resources to meet service demands. The current total annual turnover of the Trust is slightly over 1.1 billion euro. A clear and comprehensive strategy based on corporate action, continuous quality improvement and health promotion laid the foundation for efforts made to enable higher quality and timelier care at lower cost.
Experience in related projects
The improvement journey of the Healthcare Trust of the Autonomous Province of Trento was marked by: streamlined managerial and clinical processes for measurable improvement of clinical and organization outcomes, external quality recognitions, adoption of health technology assessment practices, and establishment of a reliable e-infrastructure aimed at primary care and hospital services. Many of those achievements have been of intense interest throughout the Italian national healthcare system. As example, the APSS pledged to manage systematically the issue of patient wait for outpatients elective services, distinguishing for: redesigning services supply, managing demand with clinical prioritization tools, establishing a centralized help desk and provincial multi-channel booking systems, ensuring high level accountability and management systems, and piloting care pathways.
Brief description of the role within the project
APSS will be leader of the Pilot at Rovereto Hospital, Italy, and therefore in charge for the pilot activities within the hospital. Their involvement will also include participation to preparatory activities in the context of WP1 and WP2 for the definition of the use cases and project’s requirements as well as in the data surveying task. Furthermore their involvement is also planned in WP4 ensuring participation to training activities and supporting the pilot deployment and preparation.