Partner Official Legal Name:    Municipality of Brașov
City, Country:    Romania
Internet address:


Partner description
The Municipality of Brasov is a local authority which is organized and operates based on the principles of autonomy and decentralization. Its IT strategy addresses 4 areas of infrastructure: hardware, communication, software, educational infrastructure. In parallel, significant attention is given to means of promoting electronic services offered by the local government to citizens and the business environment (
Braşov is located in the central part of the country. With around 227.000 inhabitants, it is the 8th most populous city in Romania. Brașov coordinates the metropolitan area around it, which is home to 335.668 residents.
Experience in related projects
Some of the recent projects implemented by The Municipality of Brasov include :

  • Digital cities ( focuses on innovative and localized solutions to influence the use of ICT in the daily lives of people across Europe.
  • Municipality of Brasov, one click away!: development and implementation of software applications for portal, call center and e-payment; integration of front-office and back-office applications and interconnection with the National Electronic System.
  • Integrated Technical Dispatch in Brasov – Geospatial Electronic Services: Geoportal; Citizen Relationship Management platform; Dispatch solution; Business Intelligence dashboard.
  • Telematics system for video monitoring, surveillance and warning in case of panic in high crime risk areas, in order to increase the level of public safety.
  • Local development through flexible education: e-Learning platform in Brasov City Hall.
Brief description of the role within the project
The municipality of Brasov will be mainly responsible for managing a pilot as task leader of the Pilot at Municipality of Brasov, Romania. This will also require their active participation to the preparatory phase of the project, during the definition of the project’s requirements and use cases (in the context of WP1- Preparation and planning of the pilot), as well as during the data surveying and collection stage (in the context of WP2 – Pilot data harmonisation and deployment of indoor/outdoor virtual hub (geoportal)). Furthermore their involvement is also planned in WP4 ensuring participation to training activities and supporting the pilot deployment and preparation.
Further significant contribution is expected in terms of dissemination and awareness activities, with particular regards to activities targeted to citizens in the context of T.6.3 -Organisation of events (inc. events targeted to citizens)