Partner Official Legal Name:    Epsilon International SA
City, Country:    Marousi, Greece
Internet address:


Partner description
Epsilon International SA (EPSGR, is a leading GIS Technologies Organization with history since 1985. The company has an international presence with offices and companies in Cyprus, Italy, Russia and soon Munich. EPSILON has accomplished in recent years more than 200 major GIS and remote sensing projects in worldwide partnership, for instance with ESRI DE. The company: (i) conducts original research & technology development for new products, (ii) delivers consulting services, GIS & remote sensing applications in the sectors of water, environment, information society technologies, city management & emergency, statistics, economics, digital aerial photography, mapping and in other technology & sciences sectors, (iii) is generating and offering GIS & digital products, digital maps, digital statistical databases, GIS added value s/w products, mathematical environmental s/w and models for environmental decision-making based on multiple GIS technologies, and (iv) conducts training courses for its clients.
Experience in related projects
Epsilon International SA is conducting original RTD EC projects since 1989 (FP3). Today it is coordinating:

  • ICT/PSP Smart Islands Project ( which delivers a set of smart web services and an iPAD application for the Mediterranean islands in the scope of the Smart Cities Initiative.
  • EUROSTARS 3D Aerodromes Project ( which creates a worldwide 3D Geodatabase for Airports all over the world.
  • LIFE+ ArcFUEL Proejct ( for forest fires fuel management

Moreover, Epsilon International SA participates as technical partner to the following EC projects:

  • ICT/PSP i-SCOPE Project ( where it develops a new ADE for the CityGML standard for Smart Cities and an OGC compliant OpenLS Routing Service extension as well as an algorithm for routing of Disabled People.
  • ICT/PSP Sunshine Project ( where it is leading all the activities related to data surveying, collection, adaption and fitting and the deployment of the Greek pilot, in Lamia, ensuring integration of available infrastructures (incl. WebGIS), with the SUNSHINE framework
Brief description of the role within the project
EPSGR will first contribute to the collection of requirements during WP1, of which they are leader, bringing to the Consortium the experience of related projects. Within this WP they are leader of T.1.4 – Pilot integration specifications. Additionally, EPSGR is responsible for the Greek Pilot in WP5, as technical supporting partner of MITERA. With regard to this EPS will be also responsible for preparation of the pilot, identification of users, and validation. Further contributions include definition of business plans, IPR and SLA.