Partner Official Legal Name:    S.C. Fida Solutions S.R.L.
City, Country:    Baia Mare, Romania
Internet address:


Partner description
Our young, but well experienced company specialised in offering full service packages, with a dynamic team of specialists’ takes great pleasure in presenting itself as a partner and much more. We develop and implement IT solutions amongst which GIS based solutions, eLearning solutions, eHealth, internet portals, and many others. We provide maintenance services, technical support, management and administration for computer systems and networks. Automated and manual software testing for quality assurance is yet another one of our main services, which we provide for major customers in Romania. Our company has a branch dedicated to personal training, providing licensed courses for adult training. Our project managers are specialized in business analysis and consulting services available for all our partners and projects. We have successfully implemented quality insurance standards for all our areas of expertise: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007.
Experience in related projects
We present our work in developing the GIS software system for environment conservation management. Our customer, Transilvanian Carpathian Society, in a partnership with the Environment Protection Agency în Satu Mare, Romania are developing the project “Participative planning for management of protected areas on the lower Tur river”. Our implication in the project consists in analysis and development of a GIS software system. The system is designed to provide support for protected areas conservation management, and management plan conservation. We also provide user training. We currently provide project management services for the Municipality of Baia Sprie, in an European funds financed project. The project’s goal is “ Increasing citizen’s safety and crime prevention in the Baia Sprie City area, by installing surveillance equipment”.
Brief description of the role within the project
FIDA will operate as technical supporting partner of the pilot in Baia Sprie, being responsible for the technical definition of use cases, system requirements, data collection/fitting/ingestion and for deployment of the pilot technology. Additionally they are expected to contribute to the training of the operators and they will provide technical assistance during the pilot phase. Further contribution is expected in terms of exploitation of project results, with particular regard to the local Rumanian market.