Partner Official Legal Name:    Comune di Genova (Municipality of Genova)
City, Country:    Genova, Italy
Internet address:


Partner description
The City of Genova is a local authority. The challenges of the City are to build instruments and strategies for a different concept of local administration, focused on quality of development and economical revival. Genova is experimenting a new method of city government and governance through a creative exercise in steps, with new forms of social co-operation involving the whole community, with the idea of integrating public (local Institutions, all the authority levels) and private sectors for projects of economic, social and environmental transformation scheduled in the period from 2004 (when Genova has been the European Capital of Culture) to 2010. City of Genova is actively involved in many research projects focused on education and solidarity, quality of life, economy and employment, communication and promotion of the City, Port and infrastructures, city management. The Information System department is responsible for the management, maintenance, development and support of all corporate hardware (i.e. computer, storage, and printing), services (i.e. data warehousing, mail, server, voice) and data networks, and the management of all 3rd party ICT suppliers. This department employs about 90 full time staff.
In particular the Digital City division coordinates and develops information projects at metropolitan level. Its mission is the development of a high-speed metropolitan network, based on fibre optic, Wi-Fi and power lines, and technologies in order to facilitate the expansion of “fibre to home”. Such metropolitan network also includes several cameras deployed on the territory of the municipality. The department also participates in planning the renovation of the ICT systems and it promotes policies against digital divide, improving the citizens‟ computer skills. In addition, this department needs to be treated as a way to improve the usability of services and the global image of Genova.
Experience in related projects
The Information System Department is involved in several European projects aimed at strengthening the innovation capacity of the city. For example these include: 1) Winnovate, a project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) that aim to improve the strategic cooperation between economic development actors and public authorities; 2) ISAAC, a project referring to the creation of a web platform aimed at the tourism promotion.
Brief description of the role within the project
The City of Genova will take the role of a primary end user to provide the necessary effort to define the pilot, to gather and make available the required operational dataset to the i-locate Consortium partners, and provide and update end-user input to the Consortium in the course of this project. In particular, it will provide data from the very beginning of the project, on a continuous basis to be used for the system analysis and evaluation. More in the details, it will collaborate on, end-user & system requirements, visualization and system design, integration, testing and evaluation and dissemination and exploitation. The City of Genoa will also contribute to the project by providing the distributed technical infrastructures, supporting services to ensure a good and reliable performance.
Being in charge of a pilot, they will also be leader of the corresponding Pilot at Municipality of Genova, Italy.