Partner Official Legal Name: GISIG – Geographical Information Systems International Group Associazione
City, Country: Genova, Italy
Internet address:


Partner description
GISIG is a non-profit SME organisation. It is a European Association on Geographical Information Its member organisations, from more than 20 European Countries, are Universities and research institutions, GIS technology suppliers, local bodies and companies operating on territorial subjects. GISIG has a long record of experience in the areas of GIS, both on tools and on their applications (territorial planning, coastal area, technological networks and water resources, environment, protected areas and nature preservation, regional development…) with an interdisciplinary approach. The Association deals also with the promotion of thematic networks and has a continuous contact with targeted users. Moreover, GISIG organises training initiative and dissemination activities towards the user Communities.
Experience in related projects
The Association will take advantage of its long lasting similar experiences in several EU projects, including:


Coordinator of the following projects:

  • ICT PSP project eENVplus (, to support eEnvironmental services for INSPIRE
  • eContentplus project NATURE-SDIplus (, to support the INSPIRE data specification of the nature conservation data themes
  • ICT PSP project NESIS (, a Network aimed to support public authorities in providing environmental data, by referring to the SEIS initiative of EU Commission
  • LLP Leonardo da Vinci project VESTA-GIS (, aimed at setting up a favourable framework to enhance professional GI skills at European level

Participation as WP leader in the following projects:, in the following projects:

  • GMES project HUMBOLDT (; realisation of the project training framework
  • ICT PSP project BRISEIDE ( realisation of the project Training Framework
  • ICT PSP project “SMART-ISLANDS” ( to develop a GeoPlatform/Globe with integrated Smart Web services for Mediterranean Islands, Responsible for Dissemination
  • ICT PSP project @qua (, Thematic Network aimed to promote ICT solutions to public and private services in the water management domain. Responsible for Dissemination
Brief description of the role within the project
The role of GISIG will be twofold. On the one hand they will be the technical supporting partner for the pilot at the municipality of Genova (the city where GISIG is located) for which they will be in charge for technical definition of use cases, system requirements, data collection/fitting/ingestion. In addition to this GISIG will provide a key role to the WP4 – Pilot deployment and training, being its leader, and will be responsible for the creation of the Training Platform of the project (T.4.4 – Training framework and training activities) as well as for the coordination of the training material to be prepared for the project.