Partner Official Legal Name:    S.C. Industrial Software S.R.L.
City, Country:    Sibiu, Romania
Internet address:


Partner description
S.C. Industrial Software S.R.L. (INDSOFT) is a provider of ITC integrated solutions for private and public sector, with a strong commitment to the development of innovative software solutions translating into real life the results of its applied research.
With 15 years’ experience on the IT market and over 300 implementations, INDSOFT main research and development interests include: web based infrastructures, cloud computing, e-Government, e-Citizen, e-Participation, e-Business, knowledge and enterprise content management, information and infrastructure security management, collaborative working environments (including virtual organizations).
The main solutions developed in-house include: web portals, document management, ERP, CRM (based on Microsoft technology), technical dispatch, e-Government integrated system: budgeting and accountancy, projects & investments management, personnel management, social assistance, management of agricultural registry, patrimony, tax collection and management, contract management, document management & electronic archiving, iCRM, call center, infodesk, web portal, electronic payment.
INDSOFT provides a wide range of services related to the implementation of an IT project: consultancy for business development, business analysis, solution modeling, software development and implementation, software integration, software testing and quality assurance, infrastructure implementation and testing, technical support and maintenance, training, project management, technical (including security) audits.
Experience in related projects
INDSOFT main projects within the public sector aimed at the implementation of e-Government integrated solutions, being focused on the promotion of electronic services and improvement and automation of internal processes. Some of the main customers include: Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, National Legislative Council, City Halls (Brasov, Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Cluj Napoca, Valcea, Craiova, Slobozia, Vaslui etc.), County Councils (Neamt, Suceava, Arad, Bihor, Dambovita, Alba etc.), Universities (Politehnica of Bucharest, “Lucian Blaga” Sibiu, Alba Iulia).
Brief description of the role within the project
INDSOFT will play a key role within the project. In fact they will act as technical supporting partner of four pilots (at Municipalities of Brasov, at Brukenthal National Museum and at Alba Iulia Emergency Hospital) supporting: definition of use cases and requirements, data collection, fitting and ingestion, pilot deployment and testing, technical support and training in the context of pilots activities.
Additionally, INDSOFT is one of the core developing partners of the project being in charge of the development of the public geoportal to provide access, as open data, to indoor mapping data. The portal is expected to become the indoor equivalent to OpenStreetMap providing the necessary critical mass for a number of innovative businesses based on indoor mapping data and LBS. The development will be carried on in the context of WP2 – “Pilot data harmonisation and deployment of indoor/outdoor virtual hub (geoportal)” of which INDSOFT is leader. In this context INDSOFT will lead T.2.3 – Integration with external open data repositories and T.2.5 – Indoor / outdoor open data GI portal.