Partner Official Legal Name:    Fondazione Bruno Kessler
City, Country:    Trento, Italy
Internet address:


Partner description
The Centre for Information Technology at FBK focuses research on Software Systems, Knowledge Management and Next Generation Internet (ontology and semantic Web) with a bias towards application. FBK research aims at promoting innovation through a networked system that involves companies, other research institutions, universities, public bodies, and end-users within the province as well as internationally.
Research and innovation in the field of Medical Informatics, is the core business of one of the FBK electronic-Health Research Unit (eHealth), an interdisciplinary research group which studies methods and models for the design, implementation and evaluation of prototypic applications and ICT-based innovative services supporting the management of data, information and knowledge in healthcare domain. The two main research themes are: eHealth applications and services supporting a model of care centered on citizens and patients (Patient-centered eHealth), and models and applications aimed to healthcare professionals (Clinical eHealth) for supporting high quality care process.
Experience in related projects
With 350+ researchers, FBK conducts research in the areas of Information Technology it participates in and leads several FP7 projects. IRCS_FBK (Healthcare Research and Innovation Program) is a special project recently activated by a formal agreement between Dipartimento Lavoro e Welfare of Provincia Autonoma di Trento (PAT), APSS (Azienda Provinciale per i Servizi Sanitari), and FBK. The IRCS_FBK project aims at implementing the directive of PAT government dated November 4th, 2011, n.2324, in term of research, innovation and training for healthcare. The main objective of the project is to coordinate and enforce Research, Innovation and Educational programs for Health, enabling fast tracks for transferring research findings from bench to bedside and vice versa. The implementation of the IRCS program in the Trentino network of Research and Health Services has the primary goal of facilitating and stimulating the capitalization of clinical observations and demand for research to address biomedical research, clinical innovation and, last but not least, to promote new industrial and services activity. IRCS_FBK is equipped with its own staff for project management activity and assistance of health personnel in developing and planning clinical and preclinical research. Moreover, it provides statistical and methodological support for clinical and preclinical studies.
Brief description of the role within the project
The role of FBK will be twofold. On the one hand, due to their background in IT for public administrations and eHealth solutions, they will contribute to the preparatory activities of the project leading T.1.1- Definition of pilot use cases, user and system requirements and T.1.2 – Pilot-related regulatory constraints. In addition to this FBK will be the technical supporting partner of APPS for the Pilot at the Hospital of Rovereto, providing all the necessary technical support and assistance, prior to and during the pilot.