Partner Official Legal Name:    MITERA Private General, Maternity/ Gynecological and Children’s Hospital
City, Country:    Marousi, Greece
Internet address:


Partner description
MITERA, a member of HYGEIA Group, is the largest private hospital in Greece, with 501 beds. In its 35 years of operation, MITERA has been offering comprehensive healthcare services to women, children and families. It comprises three clinics: the MITERA General Clinic, the MITERA Maternity/Gynecological Clinic and the MITERA Children’s Hospital, the most comprehensive private children’s hospital in Greece.
MITERA – as is the case with HYGEIA Hospital – has been certified by TEMOS (the only organization certifying medical tourism services worldwide) and is among the 20 leading healthcare providers internationally to have been certified by TEMOS for their proven ability to address the needs of foreign patients.
Dedicated to its strategic goal to create and develop services and centers of excellence, currently MITERA offers, among other services: One of the three largest, in terms of cycles, Assisted Reproduction Unit (IVF) in Greece; Gynecologic Oncology – Gynecologic Robotic Surgery – Laparoscopic-Minimally Invasive Surgery – Adolescent Gynecology; Fetal Medicine – 4D Pregnancy U/S – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, (Level I, II, III); Cytogenetics – Molecular Biology – Colposcopy – Uterine Pathology; Endocrinology – Thyroid and Gestational Diabetes Clinic; Comprehensive management of breast conditions; Beauty Center – Aesthetic & Clinical Dermatology, Laser hair removal; Plastic Surgery; Dietetics – Nutrition; Psychological Support Services.
Moreover, in its effort to address all the needs of modern families, MITERA has established the flowing general departments: clinical pathology, check-up, general laparoscopic surgery, clinical-invasive cardiology, orthopedics – arthroplasty, urology – female incontinence, reconstructive andrologic surgery, pathological oncology, adult Intensive Care Unit (ICU), imaging departments (Open MRI, the only 1.0 Tesla High-Field Open MRI scanner in Greece), infectiology, otolaryngology, gastroenterology.
Experience in related projects
Mitera has already established an innovative HomeCare Department offering Home Care service provision in the form of home care visits supported be advanced telemedicine technology in terms of an intelligent system for data representation and alert functions which is able to create intelligent patient feed-back and deliver appropriate information to a target professional and electronic devices for transmitting the signals by means of Third Generation wireless network.
Brief description of the role within the project
MITERA will manage one of the pilots of the project within the Pilot at Mitera Hospital in Athens, Greece, of which they are the leaders. As with other pilots, this will require their early involvement in the definition of the project’s use cases and requirements as well as in the surveying of data. Later they will have to provide support to the deployment of the pilot and join the training activities planned in the context of WP4. Last, but not least, dissemination and awareness activities will be conducted by MITERA in the health sector in the context of WP6.