Partner Official Legal Name:    Grad Rijeka (Municipality of Rijeka)
City, Country:    Rijeka, Croatia
Internet address:


Partner description
City of Rijeka has necessary capacity, resources and experience for the conception and realization of the project as well as means to assure its sustainability in the future. The City of Rijeka Administration consists of 14 departments and 2 offices situated in five locations, with the 457 employees. Together with the municipal companies and municipal institutions there are approximately 3 000 employees.
Experience in related projects
City of Rijeka has participated in the conception, development, and realization of different projects financed by the EU in different areas. Among other:

  • E-muniS – Electronic Municipal Information Services EU funding (2002. – 2004)
  • GE.RI.T. Genova Rijeka Technology Transfer (2004 – 2006)
  • EGOV4U – E Government for You CIP ICT PSP (2010-2013)
  • SEED – Speeding Every European Digital CIP ICT-PSP (2011-present)
Brief description of the role within the project
The City of Rijeka will be responsible for one of the project’s pilots, as leader of the Pilot at Municipality of Rijeka, Croatia. This will also require their involvement in the first phase of the project, during the preparatory phase leading to the definition of use cases and project’s requirements, as well as in the data surveying and collection phase. Furthermore their involvement is also planned in WP4 ensuring participation to training activities and supporting the pilot deployment and preparation.
It should be noted that, the city will mobilise also their IT department (for this reason there has been no need for a technical supporting partner) to ensure that all system integration activities and pilot deployment can be carried out adequately.