Partner Official Legal Name:    Comune di Tremosine sul Garda
City, Country:    Tremosine sul Garda, Italy
Internet address:   


Partner description
Tremosine is a municipality in Italy in the region of Lake Garda in the North of Italy. The municipality is home to 18 small urban centres of which Pieve hosts the Municipality offices and Vesio is the most populated. The municipality is a popular touristic destination with roads in the municipality getting congested often, during holiday times, due to high presence of tourists. This causes threats to read security which the city administration is unable to withstand due to limited resources.
Experience in related projects
No previous experience in related projects
Brief description of the role within the project
The Municipality will be involved in the collection of the system requirements and in other activities of WP1 and then, at later stage, will be involvement in the carrying out of the pilot activities through the involvement of their staff (including local police corp).