Partner Official Legal Name: Trilogis Srl
City, Country: Rovereto, Italy
Internet address:

Partner description
Trilogis was established in 2006 by a group of founders with more than 20-yrs experience each in the research, development, implementation and integration of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and related solutions. The company has grown to reach more than 20 staff members and has a multi-disciplinary technical background in GIS (including indoor/outdoor GIS), Spatial Data Infrastructures, 3D visualization, geographical web services, geodatabases and related technologies and it has worked for customers such as multi-utilities, private companies, public administrations. Trilogis is certified as ISO 9001-2008 in the area of design, development and maintenance of software solutions and it implements a total quality concept towards production services. Most relevantly for the project, Trilogis is among the founding members of the Consortium Habitech, a technological district in Trentino focusing on sustainable buildings and energy. Habitech plays a key role at the Italian National level leveraging a network of more than 300 players including companies, research centers and public administrations with an overall turnover of a billion euros.
Experience in related projects
Trilogis has sound experience in the development of geospatial solutions for water management departments and multiutilities. This includes the development of SIM (Sistema Informativo Mobile delle Manutenzioni- “IT system for maintenance through mobile technologies”) developed for Dolomiti Energia SpA, that will be used within i-locate. Trilogis is actively involved in a number of RTD projects, funded by the local govermnet, on indoor GIS technologies for integrated building management and eHealth services through use of indoor location technologies.
Brief description of the role within the project
Trilogis will be in charge of the coordinator of i-locate including, technical, operational, administrative, financial management through a Project Office which will be established at the beginning of the project. Additionally it will coordinate the work package WP5 dealing with the pilot, under direct management of the Technical Manager (acting as WP leader). Trilogis will also be involved in technical activities actively supporting the preparatory activities, the development of the i-locate “toolkit”, the integration of SIM and GTMC systems within the i-locate toolkit. Lastly, but certainly not least, given the nature of i-locate as pilot B, it will actively drive the communication and openness campaigns for maximum visibility of its results, ensuring the involvement of the widest community of stakeholders at regional, national and EU level.