Partner Official Legal Name:    Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/E)
City, Country:    Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Internet address:


Partner description
Urban Planning Group is part of the Faculty of the Built Environment of the TUe and contributes to research and education programs in urban planning and design and decision support systems. The research activities of this group are concerned with the development and application of models of consumer behaviour in built environments –indoor and outdoor- and the integration of these models in computer systems. Models are applied to a variety of domains including transport, housing, retailing, recreation and tourism, and health. The urban planning group is involved in a constant stream of PhD and postdoc research projects funded by the science foundations and market parties as well as collaborations with many research groups worldwide.
Experience in related projects
TU/e has been partner in various relevant FP7 projects, such as i-Tour (, UncertainWeb and Euphoria, and has long experience as a leading research group in areas of consumer research, urban planning, transportation research and traveler information systems.
Brief description of the role within the project
From a technical standpoint TU/e’s most significant contribution will be the realization of the multimodal route planner and modelling of users’ preferences as part of WP3 (T.3.3 – Indoor and outdoor routing service). TU/e will also act as technical supporting partner to the pilot in Utrecht providing all necessary technical assistance and training for the functioning of the pilot.
In addition TU/e will be involved in a number of task both at technical level (during the preparation stage) and at dissemination level, being the leader of T.6.2 – Publications.