Partner Official Legal Name:    Urbasofia S.R.L.
City, Country:    Bucharest, Romania
Internet address:


Partner description
URBASOFIA is a town and regional planning company created in October 2011. Both the founders and the collaborators have a vast experience in urban and territorial issues, design and management of EU-funded projects, especially those connected to territorial cohesion and social inclusion related topics.
URBASOFIA has been already involved in the preparation of significant projects, competitions and EU calls for proposals, among which it is worth remembering:

  • The ICT/PSP EU Programme (projects i-SCOPE and SUNSHINE, both in implementation);
  • The SEE Programme (project STATUS, in implementation);
  • The Joint Operational Programme ENPI Black Sea;
  • Realisation of planning scenarios for the project “Floodplain restoration along the Danube”;
  • Programme Italia/Malta 2007-2013 (project CREAMSAFRI).

The impetus to form URBASOFIA arose in response to the need for a better cooperation between practitioners, researchers, industry/private investors and developers, and other professionals involved in town planning in Europe. The focus was launching a company collaborating with very high profile consultants, researchers and international experts, which could provide for and allow services in town and regional strategic and environmental planning, social inclusion and urban regeneration, smart city strategies, training, communication, dissemination and networking.

Experience in related projects
ICT PSP Programme Projects, which address the concepts of open data and interoperability:

  • SUNSHINE: “Smart UrbaN ServIces for Higher eNergy Efficiency”, a project that delivers innovative digital services, interoperable with existing geographic web-service infrastructures, supporting improved energy efficiency at the urban and building level.
  • i-SCOPE: “interoperable Smart City services through an Open Platform for urban Ecosystems”. An open platform that develops three ‘smart city’ services: improved inclusion, optimisation of energy consumption, environmental monitoring.
Brief description of the role within the project
Urbasofia’s contribution to the project will be manifold. On the one hand they will lead the data surveing and collection phase of the pilot, as leader of T.2.1 – Pilot data survey and T.2.2 – Data ingestion, fitting and integration. On the other hand they will be in charge for the assessment of the impact (both in technical and economic terms) of all the 14 pilots planned within the project, as leader of Pilots assessment (technical, economical). This task will be important in that it will ensure the link of the pilot activities towards WP6, with specific regards to exploitation of results. In fact T.5.15 will be especially oriented towards the analysis of the fields of applications and related market opportunities which have emerged from the pilots, while also taking into account barriers to entry and market trends. Lastly, Urbasofia will play a driving role in several openness and awareness activities sharing the responsibility of organization of the key events of the project (yearly conferences and challenge) as planned within T.6.3 – Organisation of events (inc. events targeted to citizens).