Partner Official Legal Name:    ZIGPOS GmbH
City, Country:    Dresden, Germany
Internet address:


Partner description
ZIGPOS GmbH is an innovative company located in Dresden the state capital of Saxony (GERMANY), exploring wireless sensor networks for diverse internet of thing applications base M2M standard. ZIGPOS products are Sensor Radio Module, Gateway with multiple radio interface, database as well as location and positioning solutions. The products are optimized based on energy efficiency, small form factor, complexity and interface design depending on customer’s requirements. Due to its modular approach, its well-designed user interfaces and easy handling, the dedicated ZIGPOS systems solutions can be applied in a variety of application areas. For example the non-destructive monitoring and controlling of climate in historical buildings can be realized with ZIGPOS technology without installing heavy cables or disturbing any infrastructure. Another example is the ZIGPOS system being suitable for installation in medical facilities to monitor environmental conditions and to reduce the spread of resistant bacteria. ZIGPOS data communication systems are also capable of providing real-time precise positioning of the modules indoors and outdoors, to be used in location and tracking of objects and persons for applications in logistics, public places, e-ticketing and more.
Experience in related projects
ZIGPOS GmbH has a strong experience in wireless sensor network, real time indoor and outdoors ranging, positioning and localization, processing and scalable database management technologies includes security and privacy by design. ZIGPIS is currently member of two Large Integrated project IP projects called iCore and Butler. In iCore, ZIGPOS gained experience in the concept of virtualization technologies and their implementation in smart home application context. In Butler, ZIGPOS will perform field trials in smart city application environment and validate ZIGPOS position context technologies. ZIGPOS have strong experience on overall system integration, design and implementation. In addition ZIGPOS also developed several applications such e-health, building automation, transportation, smart grid, smart metering and ambient assisted living. ZIGPOS GmbH also offers experience on HW/SW design and production, protocol specification and implementation, user interface development and customized application design. ZIGPOS also strongly involved in ETSI M2M standardization.
Brief description of the role within the project
ZIGPOS main roles are to provide the indoor/outdoor localization technologies based on 802.15.4/ ZigBee wireless communication, integration of ZIGPOS energy efficient real time location system (eeRTLS) technology with i-locate system. ZIGPOS will also develop mobile client application based on standard mobile platform. ZIGPOS will also be responsible of the pilot at the University of Applied Science, Dresden Campus (as leader of the Pilot at University of Applied Sciences in Dresden, Germany) to validate i-locate system for indoor navigation and asset management. For this pilot they will be in charge of collection of requirements, definition of use cases, collection/fitting/ingestion of data, technical support and deployment of the system and, lastly, training of operators.
Further contribution is expected in terms of IPR definition and identification of business plans.