Liaison with NASA World Wind

image003An agreement has been reached between i-locate and the NASA World Wind manager, Mr. Patrick Hogan.

Liaison with the smeSpire project

logo_smespire_ilocatesmeSpire’s purpose is to encourage and enable the participation of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the mechanisms for harmonising and delivering environmental information, which is becoming more available as a result of the INSPIRE Directive (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community).
The directive came into force in 2007 and, between then and 2019, aims to establish the infrastructure to support European environmental policies and any other policies or activities that may impact on the environment.
SMEs can help member states meet the requirements of the Directive, creating new market opportunities with increased potential for innovation and new jobs. The legally binding requirements for INSPIRE implementation create entry-points for crucial business opportunities, opening new or reinforcing existing technologies such as linked and/or open data, sensor web, cloud computing and many digital environmental applications.

The established liaison pursue a mutually beneficial cooperation between the two projects, in particular:

  • disseminating the i-Locate project results through the smeSpire communication channels and vice versa;
  • recommending the i-Locate project partners and their stakeholders to join the smeSpire network;
  • pursuing the joint organization of events/initiatives aiming at a cross-fertilization between geoICT SMEs and the vertical domain(s) that the i-Locate project is involved in.


Liaison with the R&D Team of the Open Source Geospatial Software at PNU 

imagePreviewAn MoU has been signed between i-locate and the R&D Team of he Open Source Geospatial Software at the Pusan National University (PNU), Korea.

The MoU will pave the way to a long-term cooperation fostering mutually beneficial software developments in the domain of indoor location.

The project will focus on development of open source solutions for indoor location based services. The development phase of the project is scheduled for the start of summer 2015, when the i-locate toolkit will be ready. This will allow the team at PNU to leverage on i-locate to build more advanced interoperable LBS.


Liaison with the GeoSmartCity project (ICT-PSP call-7) 

geosmartBoth GeoSmartCity and i-locate are focused on Geo Open Data exploitation. Activities in GeoSmartCity and opportunities for cooperation with i-locate were presented by GISIG during a specific session at the i-locate 2014 conference. The potential collaborations discussed during the session include:

  • knowledge exchange on integration of indoor/outdoor data interoperability, e.g. on OGC indoorGML, CEN TC 287 standards application within city contexts, IFC-CityGML-indoorGML transformations, RTLS;
  • exchange of methodology and experience for Open Data at municipality level (e.g. thanks to common dissemination events);
  • a training framework for Geo Open Data and standards;
  • contribution on the creation of business exploitation opportunities thanks to synergies between achievements of both projects.

Liaison with Virgilius (AAL research project) 

virgilius_logoVirgilius: Virgilius is an international AAL research project whose aim is to increase independency and mobility of seniors through the use of location services, encouraging them to continue living actively and independently. i-locate has entered into a collaboration agreement with the University of Geneva (TaM  UniGe), who is a partner in the Virgilius project. Synergies in terms of technical developments and ground applications will be further explored in 2015, when the collaborative action plan agreed upon with TaM  UniGe will be implemented.


Liaison with iCore (FP7 project) 

iCore Logo.previewi-core: i-Core was an FP7 project (terminated in Q4 2014) which has delivered a framework for cognitively-enabled internet of things applications. I-locate will benefit from enhanced mechanisms for optimised use of energy control of indoor location based technologies developed by ZigPos and Trilogis.

Liaison with FrontierCities (FP7 FIWARE accelerator project) 

frontiercitiesFrontiersCities is a FIWARE accelerator funded by the Future Internet Public Private Partnership and the European Commission. The project supports web-developers, SME and start-ups developing smart mobility applications for cities across Europe, ensuring the uptake and business success of developed applications.  Geolocalisation is deemed of interest to the market players targeted by FrontiersCities. Joint dissemination activities were agreed upon in December 2014 between i-locate and the European Network of Business Innovation Centres, who is a partner in the FrontiersCities project.

Liaison with Creatifi (FP7 Fiware project) 

lwas7gjt_400x400Creatifi is a Fiware project funded by the European Commission. With a €4.8 million fund for SMEs, web entrepreneurs and ICT developers, it supports the development of new applications leveraging future internet technologies for the creative industries. In addition to financial support, successful developers and entrepreneurs are being provided with technical support, living lab validation to test applications and explore markets and gateways to further funding.

The i-locate project will provide access to its technical results and training material to the Creatifi companies interested in developing indoor location-based services to e.g. the mobile advertising or the cultural sector.

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