Pilot location
Elder Nursing Homes; Strada Dragos Voda 67, Baia Sprie, 43510
Short description of the facilities
Home for the elderly offers accommodation for indefinite period, nursing and care, preparing and serving meals, psychological counseling, social and leisure. The institution hosts 26 employees and 68 assisted people aged 58-90 years old from different localities of Maramures county, out of which 15 assisted addicted as a result of various diseases that occurred with age and 51 independent. The Institution includes 2 buildings joined one to the other, one being newly built. The building includes the following: 19 rooms, 2 offices, a club, kitchen, dining room, storage, medical, and laundry. The built surface of the Elderly Homes is 1077sq.m, the annexes 329 sq.m, the yard + the garden 2500 sq.m
A picture of the elder nursing homes in Baia Sprie