Pilot location

The pilot will be articulated across several buildings within the following two locations:

  • Municipality of Brasov: Brasov City Hall & Brasov City Council
  • No 8 Eroilor Boulevard, Brasov
Short description of the facilities

The following buildings will be available to the pilot:

  • Brasov City Hall, No 8 Eroilor Boulevard: hosts the Citizens’ Information Centre and the main administrative offices of the municipality (303 employees; around 95.000 visitors / year).
  • Direction for Social Welfare, No 23 Mihail Kogalniceanu Boulevard. It has few subordinated services: social allowances (No 23 Mihail Kogalniceanu Boulevard), child and family support (No 23 Mihail Kogalniceanu Boulevard), the social welfare canteen (No 11 Noiembrie 15 Boulevard), elder people support (No 33 Tudor Vladimirescu Street), protection of disabled people (No 23 Mihail Kogalniceanu Boulevard), social services (No 23 Mihail Kogalniceanu Boulevard). (689 employees; around 33.000 visitors / year)
  • Public Community Service for People Evidence, No 8 Eroilor Boulevard, Brasov: it receives and solves citizens’ petitions on specific issues regarding people evidence (40 employees; around 37.000 visitors / year).
  • Fiscal Direction, No 4 Dorobantilor Street: deals with local taxes’ management according to the national legislation (140 employees; around 100.000 visitors / year).
Pictures of some of the buildings available to the pilots