Pilot location
The pilot case will be developed in San Benigno Torre Nord building in Via di Francia 1, 16149 – Genova, Italy.
Short description of the facilities
The pilot case will be developed in the “Matitone” building (official name San Benigno Torre Nord) , that is the main location of the Municipality offices, where people have to go for services released both to professionals (or enterprises) and citizens.
It is a building 109 meter high, of which several floors out of 26 host Municipal Offices. There is then a high presence of officers and public. In this building are housed the majority of the technical departments of the Genoa Municipality (municipal police, offices related to land management and urban planning, municipal buildings management, management information system and ICT etc..).
The total floor area is of 39,000 square meters of which 37,500 are in use at the Genoa Municipality offices. The offices host about 1.400 employees and around 80.000 visitors per year, composed by private citizens, professionals and enterprises.
The building is located in the San Benigno Area, San Teodoro district, in front of the Lanterna, the famous and historical lighthouse of the Genoa Port.
Images of the building where the pilot will be located