Pilot location

The pilot will be articulated across the following buildings owned by Rijeka City Council (RIJEKA) that will allow testing both indoor and outdoor localization and tracking features:

  • Municipal building (Korzo 16, Rijeka)
  • Municipal building (Titov trg 3, Rijeka)
  • Municipal building (Trpimirova 2, Rijeka)
  • There are other 2 smaller locations (Dolac 8, Trg sv. Barbare 2, Rijeka).
Short description of the facilities
Korzo 16 (The Mayor’s Office, Main City Office, City Department of Culture, City Department of Health and Social Welfare, City Department of Finance, Information Technology Institute, Office of Internal Audit and Office of Financial Management Control).

[970 m2 building area - 6 floors]

Titov trg 3 (The Registry Office, City Department of Public Utilities, City Department of Urban Development, Environment and Asset Management, Department of Property Management)

[470 m2 building area - 6 floors]

Trpimirova 2 (City Department for the Enforcement of Urban Planning and Building Documents, City Department of Sports and Technical Culture, Department of Local Government and Self-Government, City Department of Education and Schooling)

[380 m2 building area – 3 floors]

Dolac 8 (City Department of Public Utilities – Division of community wardens, City Department of public Utilities – Traffic Warden Division)

[135 m2]

Trg sv. Barbare 2 (City Department of Entrepreneurship)

[less than 100 m2]

Map of the area of the city with the different buildings of relevance for the pilot