Pilot location
The road that connects Tremosine with lake Garda which has been considered “the most beautiful road in the world”. The road is very narrow and very difficult to drive through. However, this is a very touristic route with plenty of vehicles (especially during holidays and over summer) often stopping to see the scenery. Vehicles often get jammed due to the narrow carriageway, which –additionally- can become dangerous due to falling rocks. The use cases addressed by this pilot focus on increasing control and safety of this road through use of outdoor and indoor (within canyons and tunnels) localisation technologies, as detailed in the reminder of this section. Through use of high-resolution video cameras, it will be possible to locate vehicles as well as dangerous situations (e.g., car stopping in dangerous areas, presence of pedestrians traffic jams, low illumination levels, debris on the road etc.)
Short description of the facilities

The problems addressed by this pilot are manifold. On the one hand, there is a need to help local citizens be informed about traffic conditions in the road (e.g. presence of queues) which can be particularly critical during holiday season. In addition, the city administration needs to be informed of possible critical situations (e.g. in case of car stopping in a dangerous spot) in order to improve safety.

This use case is targeted at the outdoor and indoor localization of vehicles and people on the road as well as possible debris or other objects that may represent a danger. The use case concerns the following:

  • Tracking of vehicles: the system must be able to count passing vehicles (e.g. to assess traffic levels, to detect queues and to detect when a car stops in a critical position.
  • Tracking of people: to detect location of pedestrian walking on the road (typically tourists stopping to walk and see the scenery).
  • Identification of obstacles on the road: often (even big) rocks fall on the street causing a dangerous threat to drivers.
  • Assessment of illumination level: a specific road segment is located within a narrow gorge with narrow tunnels and sharp turns, with serious illumination problems during daytime.

The pilot needs to leverage on low-cost technologies that can be then easily scaled to further sections of the road if needed.

The segment of the road where the pilot will be set