Pilot location
The pilot location will be the Hospital in Rovereto, Italy.
Short description of the facilities
Ospedale Santa Maria in Carmine di Rovereto, is the second largest and most important hospital facility in the Trentino region. Hospital of Rovereto (HR) provides a wide range of specialist care and treatment for patients. They include: consultation with specialist clinicians (consultants, nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists and a wide range of other professionals); emergency treatment following transfer from emergency departments; routine, complex and lifesaving surgery; specialist diagnostic procedures; and close observation and short-term care of patients. Urology, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, interventional cardiology performing coronary angioplasty are active only for elective procedures and consultation: emergency procedures are available 24×7 only by another health facility – hub centre of the whole Local Health Unit (LHU) of the Autonomous Province of Trento.
The hospital serves an health district of about 100.000 inhabitants it has a total of 293 beds. The total number of outpatient attendances in the 2012 was around 485.000 and the total number of clinical pathology outpatient examinations was around 1.100.000.
The hospital has state of the art facilities such as remote-controlled heating and plumbing systems (thermal and cooling plants), water systems, lifts and medical gases. and web-based remote control of lifting systems (e.g. elevators). The booking of medical checks is made online through the CUP (“Centro Unico di Prenotazione”, i.e. Single Booking Center) available online (https://cup.apss.tn.it/cup3w/) or via toll free telephone number.
Fig. 30: pictures of the hospital of Rovereto, Italy