Pilot location

The pilot will be located across two locations:

  • The Technoport building at 9 avenue des Hauts-Fourneaux, Esch-sur-Alzette.
  • Four Ecostart buildings at Rue de l’industrie, Foetz
Short description of the facilities
Technoport is a high-tech incubator for start-ups, located in a science park. The building includes a co-working space, a fab lab (3D printing and prototyping facility), offices for coaches/experts, offices for start-up companies and meeting rooms/conference rooms. It is being used by entrepreneurs as a more or less permanent workplace and by visitors for individual meetings/coaching sessions with experts or entrepreneurs. Public events are moreover organised in the building on a regular basis. The total surface of Technoport building is 4,000 m2.
Ecostart is a mix of industrial facilities, offices and meeting rooms. It is being used by industrial entrepreneurs in the science park as a workplace and for demo/exhibition purposes. The various buildings at Ecostarts have the following extension:

  • Ecostart 1: 3,700 m2
  • Ecostart 2: 4,200 m2
  • Ecostart 3: 3,200 m2
  • Ecostart 4: 1,000 m2
A picture of the Technoport building