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The University Medical Center Utrech, Division Internal Medicine and Dermatology
Short description of the facilities
The University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht), established in 1999, is a joint venture between three institutions: the Academic Hospital Utrecht (AZU), the oldest academic hospital in the Netherlands established in 1817; the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital (WKZ), named after Queen Wilhelmina and established in 1888; and the Medical Faculty Utrecht (MFU).
The UMC Utrecht is one of the largest healthcare organizations in the Netherlands, with about 10,000 employees and over 1,000 hospital beds. Its core activities are built on gaining and sharing in order to ensure the highest level of patient care, research, education and training.
The Division Internal Medicine and Dermatology (DIGD) is involved in care, research and teaching. Within all the sub-specialisms we perform research in which the interaction between laboratory research and clinical application is central. All sub-specialisms have a diverse group of patients. About 80% of our patients has a chronic or life-threatening disease. That is means that next to diagnosis and treatment, nursing and paramedical care is essential to what we do.
The UMC facilities