The following components compose the i-locate toolkit:

Core localization services

  • Proxy: represents the unique entry point for LBS enablers to get localization data about system entities.
  • Indoor localization: processes raw positioning data coming from a variety of indoor localization technologies and exposes them to the proxy.
  • Outdoor localization: captures outdoor positioning data (GPS/EGNOS, WiFi, cell tower ID) and exposes them.
  • Monitoring: monitors the functioning of the toolkit runtime providing diagnostics and
  • Upload/Download: allows upload of arbitrary files attached to a site in the portal,and download through a web service. IndoorGML navigation data can also be downloaded.
  • Configuration: provides additional information of specific devices within various indoor localization technologies like battery status or firmware revision etc.
  • Communication Bus: this module provide a communication channel on which pass all the informations shared between different modules.

Generic LBS Enablers:

  • Spatial service: the module provides an interface to the Open Data Repositories and to the current position of assets; it provides a spatial query interface, providing processes data to the caller.
  • Identity management: is the component allowing a relying party to identify the principal and determine if service is to be offered.
  • OGC Spatial: this module provides access to the geographical information in a common way. Basically, use of standard comunication language (OGC protocol in this case) permits third parts software to ingest the information (spatial) without any conversion.
  • Routing: is the component capable to generate a route plan and corresponding turn-by-turn directions for a trip with given origin and destination location.
  • Geofencing: this module is responsible to ingest the location information of a asset (person) and on that verify spatial roles (entry/exit from a room) defined case by case.
  • Location analytics: this module computes a number of statistics related to the occupancy of indoor spaces. Indicators computed include total dwell time, frequency of visits to a given area, time spent within a given area, transitions among indoor areas etc.

Specific LBS Enablers:

  • Asset management: the module provides the ability to accurately represents assets and the definition of maintenance processes.
  • Crowdsourcing: this module provides i-locate users with the opportunity to enter geo-localised information (e.g., “I see asset A at position (x,y,z)”); to validate user-generated geo-localised information (e.g., “I confirm that asset A is actually at the specified position”); to interpret geo-localised data (e.g., “People are running away ‘cause there is a fire”).

At the moment, version 1.0 of the i-locate toolkit, the following modules are available. To be able to access to code repositories, please register here!

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