A further goal of i-locate is the creation of an open source i-locate toolkit to enable interoperable indoor/outdoor location and tracking of assets, both material and people, to be used to easily create innovative businesses through indoor/outdoor LBS based on open GI. The specifications as well as the toolkit itself will be released as open source to the public while, to facilitate start-up of new businesses based on indoor LBS, the toolkit will be released as “ready to be deployed” solution.

The toolkit will be an interoperable ecosystem whereby different (native) technologies, provided by the various partners will be interfaced to provide indoor/outdoor asset location and management interoperable functions for:

  • People and asset location (indoor and outdoor).
  • Indoor/outdoor multimodal routing.
  • Asset management (for maintenance activities).
  • Web- and mobile-based visualisation and management of open indoor GI available through the i-locate “virtual hub”.
  • Crowdsourcing-oriented provision of open GI regarding indoor/outdoor spaces.


the overall approach followed by the i-locate toolkit
the overall approach followed by the i-locate toolkit

As illustrated in figure the toolkit will be developed as an open Java-based “middleware” ensuring:

  • Open communication interfaces: to integrate different (native) technologies. To demonstrate this, the pilots of i-locate will use different location technologies which will be interfaced to the i-locate “toolkit” in order to demonstrate inter-changeability of each components.
  •  Scalability: through later integration of further features through open communication specifications.