i-locate will also pilot–for the duration of 12 months- within a real-life operational scenario the “virtual hub”, the toolkit and the client in the context of 14 operational pilot locations in 8 EU countries, addressing:

  1. Guidance of patients through an health care path, with the involvement –as final downstream users- of several hospitals and an elderly persons nursing home.
  2. Smart tracking & asset management for lean management models, with the involvement of public health stakeholders, several city councils and a business park.
  3. Guiding visitors to reach indoor locations, with the involvement of health centre facilities, public offices, a university, a worldwide known museum and a business park. All the pilots have been designed to respond to specific real world scenarios, with the direct involvement of the final stakeholders (several hospitals, a house for the elderly, several public administrations, a museum, a business park, a university). The pilot clearly have significant market opportunities within the domain of indoor location based services