Asset management through extension of IndoorGML

This training material has been developed in the context of the i-locate project.
Authors: personnel from Trilogis Srl. The material is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License (
This is a new proposal for an extension of IndoorGML on Asset Management. We built the data model and the connections to the IndoorGML core schema. The extension will be proposed as open standard to the world of the asset management, for this reason it is based on the principles of ISO 55000, 55001 and 55002 on asset management.

We modelled the classes and presented the purpose of every object:

  • AssetType and Asset: models for the class of the assets and the instances. They are hierarchical combined;
  • Process: represents the whole maintenance process;
  • Activity: represents the physical activity;
  • ActivityInfo: registers the log about the activities;
  • Event (PeriodicEvent): manages the causes to start a maintenance process;
  • Operator: identify the entity or the entities which is/are in charge of a process or an activity;
  • Role: entity useful to represent groups of people;
  • Person: identify a person into the model.

Several objects could have a spatial properties in order to integrate the Asset Management with Indoor GML.

The training module presents an introduction about the definition of asset and the meaning of Asset Management. After that it is presented all the components of the proposed model. The components are listed in the previous section.
Learning outcomes
Learners are expected to be able to understand an asset management IndoorGML schema and understand the main principles of asset management.
Intended Audience
Companies operating in GIS field and organizations who are involved in asset management.
No specific pre-requisites have been identified.
Pptx presentation with written notes.
Expected workload
10 hours.