Data acquisition pipeline

This module has been created in the framework of the i-locate project.
Authors: personnel from Trilogis Srl. The material is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License (
This module describes the process to be followed for capturing and converting indoor maps data (floor plans) to the i-locate supported format. The pipeline includes converting from raw format data, georeference data in order to overlay it over world imagery, export data with the correct reference system supported by i-locate and the validation process that is executed over data by a service in the i-locate portal.

This module comprises a single presentation with voice-over for the whole process and is meant to provide high-level knowledge of the process. In case of more specific needs about the process, a document is provided in the context of i-locate with the identification number T2.2 that explains in detail the procedure.

The module consists of a single presentation, hence the structure is basic.
Learning outcomes
Learners are expected to be able to understand the structure need for the indoor maps in the context of i-locate and the process to produce this data. This knowledge can be expanded by following the document T2.2.
Intended Audience
Pilots sites and people interested in adding new pilots area to the portal or to the i-locate framework.
GIS basic knowledge and software usage (QGIS, ESRI, GlobalMapper…).
Presentation with voice-over.
Expected workload
Around 1 hours