i-locate portal installation

This training material has been developed in the context of the i-locate project.
Authors: i-locate Consortium. Contributors to the module: INDSOFT.
The material is provided under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/), unless of specific restrictions pointed out by technical partners.
This video demonstrates the installation procedure for the i-locate portal. The installation is demonstrated using the command-line on a linux operating system.
In particular, user is driven to:

  • Generate a key pair to access Gitlab;
  • Clone the source code from Gitlab;
  • Install Maven and configure Maven profile for i-locate;
  • Install Java Development Kit;
  • Build the i-locate project with Maven;
  • Install the Postgis extension for Postgres;
  • Create the i-locate SQL database in Postgres;
  • Configure Postgres to allow TCP access;
  • Restart Postgres service;
  • Generate the i-locate database structure;
  • Configure Tomcat with i-locate database and portal parameters;
  • Deploy Geoserver and the i-locate portal in Tomcat;
  • Install Posgis JDBC driver and restart Tomcat.
The module shows the instruction sequence that has to be followed to install the i-locate portal.

Learning outcomes
Ability to install the i-locate portal.
Intended Audience
Website administrator.
Operating systems knowledge, Command line knowledge, Linux.
Expected workload
About 2 hours.