Indoor Location Technologies

This training material has been developed in the context of the i-locate project (
Authors: i-locate Consortium. Contributors to the module: GISIG, TRILOGIS,U-Hopper, …
GISIG is involved in the organization and assembly of the sub-modules provided by the i-locate technical partners, according to this standard metadata template; TRILOGIS takes care of the introductory section contents on the technologies overview and for the supervision of the metadata enrichment process.
The material is provided under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License (, unless of specific restrictions pointed out by technical partners.
This module consists of two parts, linked together. The first one is an overview of the available indoor location technologies: principles, their application range, benefits as well as restrictions to which they are subject. This section will be periodically updated during the project, in order to take into account the technological evolution regarding such a innovative sector.
The second section of this training module includes the sub-modules, each one devoted to a specific solution, based on one of the technologies described in the first part, proposed by an i-locate technological partner. The sub-module list has been expected in growth, whilst the design of pilots is running.
The module consists of two parts as follows

  • Part 1: Introduction to indoor location technologies
  • Part 2: Examples of existing technologies; for each of them the following items are provided:
    • Principle of functioning
    • Technical features
    • Details of functioning
    • Demo
Learning outcomes
When completing the first part of this module and, possibly, the first item of each sub-module of the second part, the learner is expected to be familiar with the Indoor Location Technologies. After completing each sub-module of the second part, the learner is expected to be able to install and configure the equipments of such a solution autonomously, at its premises.
Intended Audience
Part 1 and the first item of the second part aims at professionals seeking for an overview of the Indoor Location Technologies. The second part is devoted to technical stakeholders
No prerequisite is required for the first part of the module. Basic knowledge on the principles related to the technology used within each sub-module solution is a plus for the second section item “Principle of functioning”, whilst good understanding of technologies regarding the solution components is required (for instance, on positioning systems or on networking and so on) with respect to the remaining items of the second section.
Different type of resources: ppt presentation, presentation with voice, video.
Expected workload
6 hours