Indoor OSM

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This module consists of two parts, linked together. The first one is an overview of the indoorOSM standard used for indoor mapping: motivation, basic concept and fields of application. This section will be periodically updated during the project, in order to take into account the technological evolution regarding such a innovative sector.The second section of this training module includes a practical module based on the use of a specific application for the creation of indoorOSM dataset. This module has been expected in growth, adding new software solutions in the future.

The module consists of two parts as follows

Part 1: Introduction to indoorOSM

Part 2: Indoor mapping using IndoorOSM

Learning outcomes
When completing the first part of this module, the learner is expected to be familiar with the Indoor OSM and indoor mapping in general. After completing the second part, the learner is expected to be able to install, configure and use the software solution autonomously, at its premises.
Intended Audience
Part 1 aims at professionals seeking for an overview of the indoorOSM standard. The second part is devoted to technical stakeholders.
No prerequisite is required for the first part of the module. Basic knowledge on computer usage for the second part.
PPT presentation
Expected workload
4 hours