Introduction to licensing agreements

This module has been created in the framework of the i-locate project.
This module was developed by Technoport. It is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
This module highlights the basic challenges encountered when entering into licensing agreements and the main strategic questions to consider. It covers the choice of a licensing model depending on the goals and needs of the licensor, the question of potential pre-existing IPR rights to take into consideration, as well as the key issues to keep in mind when drafting the licensing terms and conditions with interested commercial or technology partners. Suggestions for wording are given in order to avoid any uncertainties or lack of balance in the legal relationship between the organisations involved, misunderstandings of their related rights and obligations as well as unrealistic or conflicting expectations in terms of implementation.

Part 1 – The licensing model

  • Types of licenses available
  • How to make a choice ?
  • Is the choice (still) free ? the issue of potential pre-existing rights

Part 2 – Terms and conditions of the license

  • The need for clear definitions in terms of parties and technology involved
  • The rights being granted: use, distribution and further developments
  • The commercial relationship: territory, term, obligations of the licensor, obligations of the licensee
  • The financial conditions: revenue models, performance, indemnification and liabilities
Learning outcomes
When completing the first part of the module, the learner is able to assess which licensing model is the most suitable for providing access to the technologies developed in the framework of i-locate or for further exploiting the results of the project. When completing the second part, the learner is aware of the most critical issues to take into account when negotiating agreements with third parties and is able to better understand the legal terms to be discussed. However, we draw the attention of the learner to the fact that this module is for information and preparation purposes only. It shouldn’t be considered a legal advice or a substitute for a consultation with a professional legal counsel.
Intended Audience
i-locate partners and any third parties interested in getting an introduction to the licensing of research results (focusing on software technologies)
No pre-requisites are required for this module, except a very basic understanding of the concept of technology licensing.
PPT presentation (exported to Pdf)
Expected workload
4 hours