Security, Privacy, Ethics

Some of the text of this module has been taken from the following sources: ETSI TS 102 165-1, ETSI TS 102 165-2, training courses developed by C3L for commercial partners (WrayCastle, Lever Training), and from papers and standards contributions prepared by C3L.
Author: Scott William Cadzow, C3L.
(Licence to be determined).
Security is a poorly understood concept and the aim of this module is to contextualise it and to give simple introductions to the core concepts. The module examines both the Confidentiality-Integrity-Availability (CIA) paradigm, and more societal concepts or paradigms including the evolving one within the i-locate project of Ethics-Security-Privacy (ESP).
This module covers the following topics:

  1. Terminology – CIA and ESP
  2. Risk and security provisions
  3. The Kerchoff principle
  4. Simple cryptographic overview
  5. Trust and trust management
  6. Summary
Learning outcomes
To have sufficient understanding of security technology to skim read a system security analysis and to be able to pose appropriate questions for clarification of the authors of such analyses.
To know what security experts mean by their terminology and how that translates to everyday human dialogue.
Intended Audience
This module is for a general audience with an interest in technology and a basic understanding of computer and network terminology.
On line, self paced, course with text, animation and review questions.
Expected workload
Expected workload is 8 hours.